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Art Van Friends & Family Campaign

Campaign Goals

To create and execute an employee-reach campaign that is purely digital and word-of-mouth in it’s nature.

  • Must be able to measure and track who is referring their friends and family to the sale.
  • Must be able to measure who is clicking through to the landing page.
  • Promote in-store and online sales simultaneously.
  • Execute an “email-catch” on the coupon page to help grow our promotional lists.

Campaign Approach

Our digital marketing department worked closely with store communications and advertising to align our message and give employees a heads-up that this promotion will be running. This would help them gather their friends email addresses to forward the promotion to. It was also important to inform them that it they needed to use the graphic button it the email for our tracking purposes. To support this imperative detail we sent a follow up message with a visual guide as a friendly reminder before the campaign launch.

Email & Salesforce Marketing Cloud Powered

The email was designed with two main objectives: for the employee to share, and for the recipient of the message to know to go to the landing page for the promotion.  Since employees were given a heads up about the promotion, this is pretty straight forward for them. Once they click the “Forward to Friends & Family” button, a new tab opens populating a standard form allowing users to input email addresses and add a personal message with the email.

The landing page served a couple main purposes: making the exclusive promotion codes available, and directing them into ways to shop. This was achieved by clear, large headers and call-to-actions at the top and placing the promo offers below. Using Salesforce for both the email and the landing page gave us seamless integration and the tools we needed for analytics.

Landing Page

Once on the responsive landing page, the customer will have access to their exclusive promo codes. If an interested guest isn’t able to make the sale, we’ve integrated an email-catch to have them opt-in for our promotional emails.


I was given the task of reimagining the conception, design, and delivery of the email marketing campaign. I was told by someone in upper management that it was the best execution plan they’ve seen for this annual campaign. They loved the design and overall flow of the process.

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