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CustomCat Customer Journey Emails

Client & Project Description

CustomCat is an on-demand product decoration application that integrates with popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify. Users are able to design custom products, offer them on their website and once a order is placed CustomCat fulfills the order and ships it to the customer. This allows users to avoid costly setup fees and overhead from having to stock and manage product.

CustomCat is a subsidiary company of LLC.

Challenges & Objective

Before the use of a blog was implemented, email was the primary source of communication with our subscribers. Since our users are essentially creating “print-ready” files, we needed to be able to educate them on how their art and store should be setup for the best outcome. This would be accomplished through email and linking to video tutorials of the software.

I was tasked with creating an email journey and retouching video tutorials based on our art guidelines, FAQs, and application flow to teach our subscribers how to best use our service. The CustomCat application is very robust in it’s features, so we started the series with a total of 11 emails. This was a time sensitive project that needed a quick turnaround.

Design considerations had to be made for the content type of this email. Since these would serve as a resource, they would be copy heavy and viewed on both mobile and desktop devices. This meant keeping as much of the email as possible live, and responsive, text.


  • Email Concept, Design, and Code
  • Retouching Tutorial Videos in Adobe After Effects

Email #1    //    Deployed at Sign-Up

Welcome to CustomCat

Since this is the first email of the series, it is deployed after signup and serves as a welcome email. The content is meant to give a high level overview of the app and how to get started. The “Account Setup Tutorials” button takes you to the CustomCat Tutorial page which houses all of the tutorials covered in the later emails. There are two other links that offer information on product pricing and design best practices.

Email #3    //    Deployed 3 Days After Sign-Up

Your New Design Library

The new design library email served as an update announcement as well as a informational resource. I showed screenshots of the upload, design dashboard with explanations for the icons, and how to search for designs by tags. Each button and screenshot link to the correlating part of the Design Library tutorial in the Help section of the website.

Email #4    //    Deployed 4 Days After Sign-Up

Decoration Methods & Design Positioning

In this email we cover how to choose the decoration method, design placement explanations, and assigning a product to a design. Each topic has its own section within the Lesson 4 tutorial available on I utilized many screenshots and graphics in this email because it discusses specific screens within the flow of the app.

Email #9    //    Deployed 9 Days After Sign-Up

Print Methods Explained

This email covers the different print techniques used to decorate products offered by CustomCat. We go on to explain what products offer back designs, using art templates for sublimated products and the restrictions of embroidery designs. All links in this email take you to the Art Guidelines page where you can download a guide and art templates.

Email #10    //    Deployed 10 Days After Sign-Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Since a lot of our users are setting up an eCommerce store for the first time, we get a lot of questions regarding how to handle policies and support. This email also highlights CustomCat’s return policy and where to go within the app to create a replacement ticket. Links in this email take the recipient to the help page on the website where they can find similar questions and information.


This was an effective way of offering knowledge on how to use our product until the company had the right resources to implement a blog. It served as a great support to our video tutorials and marketing emails.

To see the video tutorials from this series, visit Shopify Video Tutorials on CustomCat’s website.

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