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School Store by Jostens Website & Designer Interface

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School Store by Jostens Spirit Wear Website

Our company partnered with Jostens to bring a wide variety of products to schools and their fans. Most shops have their own uploaded logos and mascots, and also come standard with hundreds of customizable designs. I designed the website and layout that had to coincide with Jostens standard of branding.

In the images above I’ve showcased the shopping experience most used by Jostens customers.

To drive traffic to this site, Sales Representatives for Jostens offer a coupon to their schools and they are directed here to buy their spirit wear. This process involves searching for their school in the search bar at the top of the site. They are then navigated to their school landing page which features a dynamic hero images that displays the school's primary colors and custom mascot logos.

Once the user has chosen a product they are direct to the Designer page where they have the ability to customize their product, designs and text.